Lily (retired) was our first Silver Labrador Retriever and our first with an AKC Labrador pedigree.  My first boy (before kids) was a black Labrador named Angus who is sadly missed, and I could not create a Labrador website without mentioning him, as he is the reason we fell in love with the Labrador breed - Smartest Dogs on the Planet!!!

We are fortunate enough to have woods and warm season grasses surrounding our log cabin and our dogs have full reign of it.  They are rarely on a leash and have been trained on hand commands.  Our dogs are part of our family and all puppies born remain in our house until they go to yours.  Our puppies are socialized with my entire family from day one and all have loving temperaments. 

Keeta is light silver and has an English style block head.  We are anticipating Keeta's  litter in early September 2017.  Timber(stud) has been tested and cleared of PRA/prcd, RD/OSD, (two eye diseases), DM, CNM, (two muscle diseases), EIC (exercise induced collapse) HNPK (disease of nose), and SD2 (musculoskeletal disease) which means your puppy will not contract any of these common Labrador diseases.  Both Keeta and Timber have been OFA hip tested as "Good".  

Our Ladies....



Lily on my lap.

Keeta showing amazing self control.

Silver Feather's Labradors  

Lily & Keeta on my lap.